Stamped concrete resealing correctly possibly do it yourself.


There is so much stamped concrete worldwide but unfortunately many do not remember to reseal their stamped or colored concrete.
Today we have products that I the owner of Split-Rok Construction did not have 35 years ago when I went into the stamped and Decorative Concrete business.
Today we have sealers that last about twice as long as other sealers and are salt protective to boot. Tested and back tested so the consumer doesn’t have
to be the one that suffers while they are perfected.

There is now also eco-friendly sealers and stains that we can even change the color of your present stamped or colored concrete. While perfecting my stamped
concrete that is now nationally and internationally recognized as an industry standard.
In 35 years you can bet I have had many issues to deal with always trying to better my best.

Imperfections during the process do happen as simple as someone stepping off a stamp and making a footprint in the concrete. This can be addressed if noticed
during the process of if color hardener was used, after the fact.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR STAMPED CONCRETE OR COLORED CONCRETE. I can assure you we have a laudable corrective measure for it.
From repairs to simple resealing theconcreteprofessor.com and Split-Rok Construction the construction side of the concrete professor we can present you with your
options with a phone call to me TED MECHNICK 732-915-6391. That is my cell number that you can use for faster answers to your concerns.
TED MECHNICK owner 732-915-6391

Concrete problems corrected with ease.

Concrete problems can seem daunting unless you can find a professional that willead you in the right direction.

Stamped concrete has its share of potential problems that I experience correcting and can guarantee you get the help needed with your concrete issue.

I am have a wealth of knowledge and connections to other professionals all over the country.

Seeming impossible concrete problems resolved easily.

Main number to leave a message the will be returned 732-899-5641.

Hope I can be of help with your concrete issues.

Get help for concrete problems

If you have a concrete problem you are in the right place. I have over 50 years experience fixing many issues related to bad installations that I can either fix or if you are out of the area North East happy to direct you to one of many contacts throughout the country.
Best way to reach me Ted Mechnick are: Email: Ted@split-rok.com cell 732-915-6391 or office at 732-899-5641. Best is cell phone and please be assured you have reached out to someone who is used for consultations on many large construction projects.

Refurbishing surface at 201 West 70th Street Manhattan

Refurbishing salt damaged Stamped Concrete 201 West 7oth street Manhattan.
This had to be milled down two inches to accept a new stamped concrete overlay due to salt damage. I was hired by Skyline Restorations,because they were standing behind their warranty.

Repairing Stamped concrete rather than removal

I have been in the business of installing stamped concrete for years and now an focused only on repairs,resealing and re-coloring.
It seems that many installers are more focused on making money than installing great installations.
I am able to fix about anything and have a knowledge base that goes back about 50 years.
Call me on my cell 732-915-6391 even if out of my area to assist you.
Ted Mechnick

Pavers over concrete at a pool.

We can install pavers over your existing concrete at a pool, patio and even a driveway.
Thin pavers eliminate the problem of elevation change. Even if the concrete surface is bad we can still install them over your damaged concrete.
Call Ted Mechnick at 732-915-6391 for more information about this New Look to your old concrete.

Resurfacing Stamped concrete.

Milling to a depth of two inches. Had to be redone due to Salt damage and not using the proper salt protective sealer.
After milling and reinstalled. Location 201 West 70th Street Manhattan.
Split Rok Construction was the chosen contractor due to a fine reference letter on our website.
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