Installing Polymer Modified Overlays on Wood Floors

If you have wondered whether Polymer-Modified overlays can be placed on wood successfully wonder no more they can and done multi-colored also.

We have been installing Decorative Concrete for the past 28 years and have gotten quite good at it. The look that we have been able to achieve using Multi-Colors has been, at the risk of sounding prideful, been amazing.

We have been installing Overlays for the past 6-7 years since we have found a process that works along with a material and system that works.  For our money after trying many different suppliers products we have concluded as far as I am concerned the Brickform Stampable Overlay works best and is the easiest to work with. I do not want to go into a lot of detail but if you go to the Brickform sight I think you will see why. For a great education on this and all they sell ask to speak to Joe DiMaio who is as far as I am  concerned one of the most learned individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in this industry.

Now for the answer and explanation as to how this is done.

1. Assess the condition of the floor to be overlayed and if in poor condition screw and glue 3/4″ plywood down ( DO NOT USE TONGUE AND GROOVE). Lap across existing so that you get a better structural connection.

2. Staple down Tar Paper with wire lath over it nailed very 6″.

3. Trowel down a good polymer modified layer just to the top of the wire lathe.

4. Wait one day and prime with Bonding Agent and install your overlay as you typically would.

Multi-Colors can be achieved using either casting Color-Hardener on the surface about one hour after your initial installation by going out on spiked knee boards and using a small spray bottle with water to mist the Color Hardener enough to trowel it into the surface or after dried using Colored water based splash on highlights.

Follow good installation processes and going over wooden floors is not any different from any other application. As with other applications PREP is the key to success or failure.

If you want further details we can always be reached at by email. Leave your phone number and question and I would be happy to help.

Ted Mechnick


Basement Renovations and Man Caves

Today more than ever before a basement is used for more than a place to keep stuff, do wash or keep the water heater for your home.

In this tough economic environment people are not as quick to move to a new home but in some cases have a need to make their home more livable by adding more livable space.

If a  family is one with a lot of kids or a husband of wife who just need a space to decompress after a tough day, the basement can become a refuge for them or a place to have your kids and their friends to hang out. A basement renovation can be the solution to capture more livable space without the hassle and the expense of moving to achieve that goal.

Even if the space is old  there are many things that can be done to turn what might be a non-livable space into another comfortable room or rooms. Concrete floors can be leveled,polished,stained or dyed and even stamped with a Decorative Impression to simulate stone, slate, brick, etc. A bathroom, office or family entertainment room could be added.

There are limitless possibilities of what can be done with a basement if you hire someone who can patiently listen to your ideas and guide you in the right direction to bring your dream to life.

Block walls can be gone over with Decorative Plaster to simulate an old world feel like that of an Old Wine Cellar with hints of stone showing here and there to simulate the look of a plastered stone wall. Cracks can even be added to give it an old look. Floors can be refurbished to look new again using overlays or by grinding and polishing.

PLEASE NOTE: Moisture content in concrete floors in a basement can be a problem but can be easily addressed if the Contractor is familiar with moisture testing methods that need to be used prior to installing any of the above mentioned applications. Please in any case where there is excess moisture present put down carpeting. Moisture gets trapped under the carpet pad and can allow a great environment for toxic mold to grow. This can create a health hazard to your family. Always have a moisture test performed before overlaying or polishing. Area rugs can be used if the moisture problem has been corrected by using a moisture barrier.

Windows that are generally small can be enlarged to add more light into the space to make it feel less like you are in a basement.

A lighting professional can also help in making the space more livable.

Access from the outdoors can also be added using a Bilco Door leading to an entry door that can be locked as you would your front door. This allows access to the basement without coming through the upstairs living area. This is a nice touch if you have a backyard pool or are having a party and want to access a basement bathroom so that guests are not going through the house with wet bathing suits on.

Anyone with a bit of imagination like our designers at Split-Rok Construction can, after meeting with you determine how you would like to use the space. We can then direct you as to how that can happen.

We also have a group of reputable quality centered professionals that can handle any phase of what is needed to achieve this goal. They like us are passionate about what they do and bring years of experience andvision to your project.

Any basement can be turned into more than a catch-all with a little imagination and artistic vision provided that you clearly know what you would like.

Don’t move just improve is our motto.

As Americans we are always improving. We never seem to sit idle. It’s no longer necessary to move to make things better. You can remodel and give your home a whole new feel.

Ted Mechnick (The Concrete Professor) and Owner of Split-Rok Construction

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