Ultra-thin Pavers new solution to old concrete.

Split-Rok Construction would like to introduce the concept of ultra-thin pavers as a solution to making drab old concrete look amazingly attractive using ultra-thin pavers as a solution.
Like stamped concrete that we were instrumental in promoting over 25 years ago here in the Northeast we are presently as excited about installing ultra-thin pavers as a solution to improving the look of your concrete or asphalt at your home or business.
If you can spare an inch of height and in most cases that is an easily met requirement. We
can install ultra thin pavers
over what’s existing and due to what is being gone over being a stable base there is less risk of settlement and movement to compromise the installation.
Other factors that make this product a wise decision are:

1. No need for costly and messy removal.
2. Can be used in high traffic areas like malls etc. without impeding traffic.
3. Can be installed in winter months in reasonably cold temperatures.
4. No need to shut down a business while installation is in progress.
5. Cracked or damaged concrete can be gone over without costly repairs prior to installing.
6. Dramatic savings over other conventional solutions to bad concrete or asphalt.
7. Numerous color and pattern selections.
8. No previous or impervious considerations since base is already grandfathered in.
9. Considered a repair in most localities therefore no need for permits.
10. Raises value immediately to your property for less than complete removal and replacement would be.
I think you can see why we at Split-Rok Construction are so excited about promoting this product as part of the concrete solutions portfolio we presently provide.
Check back regularly to see new patterns and colors as we progress along with pictures of examples.
We have installed the finest Decorative Concrete for the past 28 years and will apply our rigid standard of quality to this endeavor moving forward.
Ted Mechnick

Slab jacking and resurfacing

It’s not always necessary to remove and replace old concrete around Pools, Walks, Patios and Driveways.

We at Split-Rok Construction Company can save DayCamps, Hotels, Condo Associations, Apartment Complexes or anywhere that there is a great expanse of concrete that is relatively in good shape but has settled in places or is unsightly due to it looking old.

We recently Rollcoated a 9,000 square foot swimming pool slab that was settled in a lot of areas.
By slab-jacking the concrete back to it’s original elevation and then applying a thin colored overlay to the concrete we were able to save the owner over $40,000 and cut down on downtime using the area.

Repairing damaged Foundations from Sandy

We have been inundated with requests to repair block and concrete foundations as a result of storm damage from Sandy.Although in some cases it may look like there is little hope of salvaging a damaged foundation with skill and working with the right house mover it can be successfully accomplished.

The complete process needs to be assessed thoroughly and all possible scenarios discussed prior to starting this tricky process. The key is good communication with the company chosen the hold the house up while the new foundation is being constructed. Here years of skill in all areas of the project is needed.

House movers are not all the same and when working on a project to either save a home with a seriously compromised foundation or one that needs to be raised to the new FEMA flood plane the risk here is immense. There is no room for error since if done incorrectly the house can be lost or if held up improperly the risk for loose of life of those working on it is also great.

Should you need a quote for this type work the vetting out process needs to be more diligent than if you were chosing a contractor to pour and driveway or patio.

Please contact Split-Rok Construction at http://www.split-rok.com  for more information on this or a quote should you in need of this type of work.


Concrete Raising, Slab Jacking or Mud Jacking

There are many times that removal and replacement of Concrete or Decorative Stamped Concrete is not the only solution to settled or uneven concrete slabs. Settling  generally occurs over time when the initial installation was improperly performed. The main cause for this is poor compaction of the sub-base or by  leaving materials that can decay over time such as stumps or construction debris. As the materials decompose and rot they leave a void under the concrete that in time can cause settlement issues since the concrete has not support and settles unevenly.

The cost of removal and replacement can be costly and in many cases where there is active pedestrian traffic, that cannot be turned off, it can create a hazardous condition during the removal and replacement process.

Uneven concrete that has no cracks or few cracks can be returned to its proper elevation with a process called mud-jacking, slab-jacking or concrete raising. Where there are greater problems like excessive cracking this can also be done by filling the cracks after jacking.  Sometimes cracks that are shrinkage related can be repaired more easily but many times will likely reappear. Movement cracks greater than 3/16″ wide usually can be filled but will return. If removing a hazardous condition is your main concern to reduce liability issues then just raising the settled slabs and filling the access holes will suffice.

The Law in most states views a difference from slab to slab greater than 1/2″ as a hazardous condition and requires businesses and homeowners to maintain their concrete to meet  this specification. Reference ACI 318.  If there should be someone that falls you can almost be guaranteed that this Specification will be posed as part of a lawsuit.


There is a little known or little used process that can be done using High-Pressure grout to raise the slabs back to their original elevations. The process involves drilling a series of 2″ holes in the slabs to be raised in such a way that the pumping of the grout under high pressure raises the slab or slabs uniformly. This grouting creates a new base by filling the voids under the slab. This will last provided there is no more rotting material under the slab. If there is a limited amount it usually is not enough to negate what has been done.

Sounds easy but it takes a lot of experience since if you raise the slab or slabs to high you don’t get a do over. Removal then becomes your only option. Once the slabs are raised the holes are then filled with concrete and finished flush to the surface.VOILA ! Like new at sometimes half the cost of removal and replacement.


What about the holes? I don’t like looking at them since the color doesn’t match the surrounding slab. There is a solution to this also, called Micro-Topping. There are many manufacturers of these products and the cost varies from one manufacturer to the other. We have found that we get the best results using Legacy Micro-Toppings and Stampable Overlays. The reason that we use this product over others is due to it providing consistent results. If you want further information on this or other products like this you can Contact me at Ted@split-rok.com

We are in the process of completing an 8,000 square foot job at Liberty Lake Day Camp in Bordentown, New Jersey. The Owner Andy Pritikin had been getting quotes last year for removal and replacement of the concrete around the pool at Liberty Lake Day Camp. We were called to quote the job but  after meeting with Andy we decided that since his issues were related mainly due to  settlement that the use of slab-jacking with a Micro-Topping would be the best Expedient and  Cost-Effective Solution  for his problem.

The reasons for using this method as a solution were many  cost not being the only consideration.The pool interior walls were going to be redone at the same time that we were to raise and micro-top the concrete. The time frame was also critical since the pool had to be opened in time for the season and nothing but it being useable would do.

This job was in pretty bad shape. We called All Gentillini from Concrete Raising and he got all the slabs  back in place in three days.  8,000 square feet in three days. Never would be possible with removal and replacement.

If we got caught with meeting an opening schedule at this point it would have been OK since the Liability issue was rectified. We then used a rolled on material called Rollcoat in a color that was selected by us to be light enough so as not to make the surface too hot from constant sunlight. This will be gone over with a Colored Sealer by Sherwin-Williams  Company with Shark Grip added as another precaution against slipping.

The savings were approximately $40,000-$50,000. Nice savings in this economic environment. Not to mention the elimination of aggravation and messy removal to be endured with bad weather that time of year making the time element daunting.

Decorative Stamped or Colored Concrete can also be raised and the color of the hole, can in most cases be modified to make the holes less noticeable. It takes a bit longer to get the color of the holes to match, as close as possible but at Split-Rok Construction our motto is “The Difficult we do Right Away the Impossible takes a Bit Longer.

Think of a Stamped Concrete slab that has settled around your pool for example. No matter whether the concrete was colored in the truck (Integrally Colored) or installed using Color Hardeners the odds of getting a good match of the color is remote. Using color combinations and many years of diligent experience, we can usually get a color match that is so close that even the most discerning eye will have to work harder to see the difference. Not an exact match but in most cases more than acceptable.


The cost associated with this procedure can save a company, business or homeowner a lot  of money. It is also a winner where downtime in high-Traffic locations can cost money and unneeded aggravation.

Downtime is critical to any business.

There you have it. A Cost-Effective solution to either large concrete locations or small jobs where matching color is an issue.

I can always be reached at Ted@split-rok.com or visit our website at http://www.splitrok.com  if you need further information about whether this an approach you would like to explore and a professional honest appraisal whether this will work in your situation.

Ted Mechnick (The Concrete Professor)