Removing Sealer from Stamped Concrete

I am happy to report that I have successfully removed the sealer from my own driveway that had a whitening condition due to incompatibility of sealers. I had explained that I had stripped I thought all the sealer off  in the past only to reseal again and have the same problem come up. This process was […]

Contractors helping Contractors do better

We all know that we are in a tough competitive economy. I for one have always felt that competition is a good thing provided its sensible competition. Competing generates a better business environment. Contractors that are in like businesses are no threat to one and other if they are beyond the area that I or anyone does […]

Whitening of Stamped Concrete Sealers – Possible causes and Solutions Don’t become a Statistic

This is can be a frustrating problem in our Industry that has shown up in the past 5-6 years. There are many reasons why this happens that we are aware of and others that we are addressing. The American Society of Concrete Contractors in St. Louis that we are a Member of is taking the […]

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