When to remove and Replace bad concrete or repair

When a concrete driveway, walk or pool deck concrete is bad the issue as a homeowner is what can be done to repair the concrete. Today there are a few options available that can be done but unfortunately they can be costly and sometimes ineffective due to poor repair processes or attempting a repair over concrete that is so compromised that any topical repair material has no chance of adhering to it.

When I address any of the above types of installations and assess the possibilities of repair I am honest to a fault using over 35 years of experience to help the homeowner make a wise decision. I would rather walk away knowing I educated a potential client than giving them false hope only to have them be more disappointed than before.

Sometimes it can be more cost effective in the long term to remove and replace the concrete than to hope and pray that the remedial repair will hold up to expectation.

I had a customer once who was sick over a stamped concrete job in his yard that went bad on installation and the contractor attempted to overlay the bad work with a poorly placed overlay that lifted and made things worse. The Owner could not afford to have the bad job removed and replaced with stamped concrete again but wanted to have a presentable concrete patio in his yard and pool area. We stood at the patio doors looking out and I asked what are you feeling looking at this mess. Answer: Anger, upset stomach, and overall disgust. I asked what it would be worth to relieve those feelings regarding money. We came up with a solution that involved settling for removal and replacement of the existing concrete with regular float finished concrete. Not as attractive but functional and long lasting.

My point is that life is to short to be tortured daily by something that has an easy fix.

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