House raising and foundation repair

We have a fully qualified team of all craftsmen necessary to raise your home in a timely fashion and maintain the highest quality standards. All are subcontractors have been fully vetted by me and have been working together in some cases for over 30 years.

We use Devooght for most of our lifting projects due to there years of experience and timely lifting. They are highly skilled in planning and getting it done. Nothing is more disappointing then being displaced from your home for an extended period of time.




I recently wrote about house raising but did not elaborate on how important it is to raise a house particularly in beach sand.

We recently were contracted by a Homeowner in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey to repair their foundation that was damaged by Sandy to the extreme that it was condemned.

WE had a house mover with years of experience that we wanted to use but the owner insisted on using their guy. Although he did raise the house he held it up with cribbing from under the house instaed of from the outside. This process was risky and more time consuming since the grade beam that we needed to install had to be done it two pours instead of one monolithic pour. This cost us time and the owner additional money for labor. The point is that time is of the essence when lifting a house since the longer in the air especially on sand the greater risk of a catastrophe. Sand moves and keeping it in place was a job.

Most houses that are on firm soil can be lifted and held in this way but not on sand. The house has been set down on a partial foundation sufficient enough to hold it until the remainder of the foundation can be built.

1.Lessons learned are do not allow a home owner to direct any part of the project by using their people since timing the parts of the project becomes more difficult.

2. On sand insist that the house be held from the outside to facilitate a timely repair.

Otherwise with the right people what seems difficult is relatively easy if well thought out.

Hoping to get the homeowner in by August 1 to enjoy part of the summer.

Condemned to habitable. Great challenge enjoyed doing it.

If you are in need of this service or have a foundation in need of repair we can be reached at 732-899-5641

Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391 Over 40 years of experience with this type of work

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Concrete repairs by The Concrete Professor are for those looking to repair their existing Stamped or Colored concrete to look new again. We have multiple ways to correct problems that others have told you can't be done. I have been in the Decorative concrete business for over 35 years and recently realize that my extensive information about proper repairing of existing concrete is immense. Call today to speak to me where ever you are in this country or outside of the US. I will direct you to the proper person and approach. Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391

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