Coordination Specialist

Do to being in the construction business for over 40 years and working with some of the finest contractors in New Jersey and New York, Split-Rok Construction is now offering a full package of services related to the construction industry.


We have gained the respect of many of the areas AAA grade contractors and now work together as a team to provide our clients with the absolute best solution to any construction issue they are having.
When for example you have a home that needs to be raised due to new flood plane mandates we compile the team to get it done efficiently and cost effectively.
No need to hire expensive General Contractors who might take advantage of your misfortune.
Split-Rok Construction as part of contracting with us will take on your project from permitting to completion and bring with us the areas finest professionals to your project at a fair price.
I supervise all phases of the job from beginning to end.
Test and check all materials and watch each man to be sure he carries out his contracted task.
I will always do a great job. What more could you ask.
Feeling scared? We can alleviate that.
The Difficult we Do Right away, the Impossible takes a but longer.
Ted Mechnick
You can call or text for a free quote anytime. This is my cell number directly to me.

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