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IOn this blog I have written manyArticles about stamped concrete and the related components of the process but it was suggested to me to write an article about what I feel is the best way to install stamped concrete that would insure that you get the best possible installation that would insure you that you will get long life out of your stamped concrete with few problems if any. First and foremost naturally is the type concrete being used that is designated by strength. We at Split-Rok Construction use 4,000 psi exclusively. Higher strengths can be used but cut down on time to stamp concrete. The next item is type of color to be used. We only use what I feel is the best on the market here in the US. L.M.Scofield Color Hardener. Costs a bit more than others but regarding color and fade resistance no other can compare. Thirty years of using it without any complaints. If you skimp on this one item all alone you risk it all. Please note that they make release agents and integral colors also as well as sealers. They have been in business for 100 years. That says allot. Regarding integral colors for stamped concrete we do not recommend them since shoould a repair become necessary the color will likely not match. Please see how to repair stamped concrete on this blog. Quite nice if I do say so myself. You should also vet out your installer thoroughly. Pictures are great but if I’m spending thousands of dollars in some cases to have a job done I’m going to speak to past customers. See both old and new installations and ask how was he to do business with? Many things can go wrong if your installer lacks some knowledge he should have. He will likely show you his best projects. Ask him how many projects he has had to remove over his career due to him not liking the finished product. If he says none find another contractor. If he is truly quality centered as I am he would have removed a few. I have at my expense. That’s a whole other article.

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Concrete repairs by The Concrete Professor are for those looking to repair their existing Stamped or Colored concrete to look new again. We have multiple ways to correct problems that others have told you can't be done. I have been in the Decorative concrete business for over 35 years and recently realize that my extensive information about proper repairing of existing concrete is immense. Call today to speak to me where ever you are in this country or outside of the US. I will direct you to the proper person and approach. Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391

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  1. Our stamped concrete sidewalk is brick red but the sealer has turned white. We would like to remove the old sealer and apply a new sealer ourselves. Could you tell us how to remove the old sealer and what sealer to use. Thank you for your help.

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