Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregateTimbrook exposed IMG_0430Exposed aggregate concrete with integral color or without of properly installed can be a dramatic look using the correct aggregate (stone). I learned how to install exposed aggregate here in New Jersey when they developed a theme park called great Adventure. All walks etc. were constructed of it for its durability and rustic look. We literally poured miles of it.

I learned quickly that although it looked easy it took skill to expose the aggregate without loosening the aggregate. The proper use of retarders was key as was patience to in some cases wait overnight before washing off the surface.. At that time we used firehouses under great pressure to achieve this but since then we have modified the procedure using a power washer.

Using integral color as a background with the proper coordinating stone can give you a dramatic unique look. Couple that with a good pure acrylic sealer as a protection against dirt and you have a home run that can deliver many years of service. Only an occasional resealing might be needed.

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