What Road Salt can do to Concrete

ImagePicture is of a stamped concrete driveway that was damaged by salt that was brought onto this driveway by cars that collected road salt from highways and streets and as the salt drips on the driveway this is the result.

Damage does not show up immediately but will occur over a relatively short period of time. This could have been prevent by using Salt Guard on the new concrete prior to sealing.

Fortunately this can be repaired effectively since it was installed using Color Hardener rather than Integral Color ( Coloring Concrete in the Truck) We will ask to repair this and will show the result of a professional fix.

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Concrete repairs by The Concrete Professor are for those looking to repair their existing Stamped or Colored concrete to look new again. We have multiple ways to correct problems that others have told you can't be done. I have been in the Decorative concrete business for over 35 years and recently realize that my extensive information about proper repairing of existing concrete is immense. Call today to speak to me where ever you are in this country or outside of the US. I will direct you to the proper person and approach. Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391

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  1. Our concrete is doing this and I w o wild like to remove the layer of stamped concrete so I can stain what is underneath. How do I go about ‘re k of I.g the old?

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