Decorative Concrete Problems and Solutions

Although Decorative Concrete is likely the most Attractive Form of hardscaping for your home or business and has the advantage of  lasting the longest if maintained properly it does have a few problems for the installer.

Many Concrete Contractors get into this part of the business after looking at a  you tube video about how to install stamped concrete. Great start but a far cry from the process of proper Installation.

Although I have been nicknamed the Concrete Professor by some of my peers I can assure you that during the 30 years that I have been installing Stamped and Decorative Concrete that it has remained challenging due to my strong desire to only install the best Decorative Concrete possible.

Seeking perfection can be emotionally draining since most of what I had to learn in the early years was by trial and error in my construction yard before, I could go out into the public and be confident enough to be able to deliver what I promised.

I started Split-Rok Construction here in the Jersey Shore with only that goal in mind to achieve a level of excellence that would be hard to surpass. I think that we have done that and now are considered the industry leader in the field.

This blog’s intention is to be helpful to those starting out in this business and for those who are having problems related to any form of Decorative Concrete or Concrete in general. I think that those like-minded individuals who read this that are as tenacious and committed to this industry will also be helpful to all and therefore better this industry that has been very good to me over the years.

Please keep in mind that those who chose to be involved in this blog I would hope share the same passion as I do about this form or Artistic Expression in Concrete. By helping one and other we all benefit. 

I have never feared competition. I actually welcome it. As someone comes up with a better way to do some aspect of our business it inspires me to raise the bar by getting better at what I do.

It seems to have become a Company Culture here at Split-Rok Construction. Those who come here to work soon (if so inclined) get with the program and become a part of the artistic side of our company.

Please actively keep in touch with this blog and help those with your experience so that we all will not only become profitable in this endeavor but have a great time doing it and have those who you work for singing your praises.

Remember that we are here to help.

The Difficult we Do Right Away the Impossible takes a Little Longer

Ted Mechnick

The Concrete Professor

Published by the concrete professor

Concrete repairs by The Concrete Professor are for those looking to repair their existing Stamped or Colored concrete to look new again. We have multiple ways to correct problems that others have told you can't be done. I have been in the Decorative concrete business for over 35 years and recently realize that my extensive information about proper repairing of existing concrete is immense. Call today to speak to me where ever you are in this country or outside of the US. I will direct you to the proper person and approach. Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391

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