Grinding, staining existing concrete floors

We have been grinding and dying existing concrete floors for many businesses here in New Jersey.

The cost to do this is considerably less then tile since it costs about $12-$25 per square foot for tile installation.

We can generally grind,dye and water base epoxy coat for about $9 per square foot depending on condition of floor.

Maintenance is easy since all it takes is waxing to maintain. Great cost effective solution and can be dyed to achieve an artistic look unique to your business.

We can be reached at or email at

Call us for a quote at 732-899-6391


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Salt water pools and Stamped Sealed Concrete

Although many who read this especially those that install salt water pools will strongly disagree with this blog. I have been writing these types of informative articles for years now with my attempt to save both consumers and installers allot of unnecessary problems due to lack of proper installation practices or misinformation.

It seems that the water from salt water pools compromises the sealer used or if sealer is stripped and resealed the salt that has gotten into the unprotected stamped concrete once sealed over is sealed in and as water from below pushes the salt up under the sealer and you get a blushing condition similar to that of water being trapped as described in earlier posts.

  • See letter below from EZChem

Ted Mechnick


In regards to EZChem’s Perma-Pro Klear Koat VOC sealers and cure n seals, we have been manufacturing these great coatings for years with no problems. We sell a tremendous amount of these products both under our brand Perma-Pro and under private label in your area. After talking with you about your problem and you brought up salt water pools, I knew you had fallen victim to a problem contractors and home owners all over the country are having with salt water pools.

Since salt water pools produce chlorine, chloride damage accelerates the destruction of stone and cement. This also includes sealers placed over the stone or cement. Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide is the other byproduct of this chemical manufacturing process. This caustic chemical is the main ingredient in Drano or Liquid Plumber. So, you can see the problems such as discoloration, whiting (blushing), scaling and de-bonding concrete products and sealers that surround the deck of the pool.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the marketing of salt water pools. People have no idea how corrosive and how many problems they cause. The bottom line is the sealer or your application of the sealer is not the problem. Using our sealers or any other sealer on new construction prior to the pool being filled and the chemical process being started will work in most cases, but the real problems occur when re-applying sealers or making repairs to the pool deck because of contamination of the chemicals outlined above.

Thank you,

Robert Levetan, PhD.

Lab director / Ezchem, Inc.

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Inexpensive Stamped Concrete, will cost you later

I am writing this article to make a case for paying a bit more for your Stamped Concrete or other Decorative Products.

We have recently been repairing many bad stamped concrete jobs done by others due to our 30 plus years of experience. Haven’t found many that I can’t repair unless so bad that removal and replacement is the only option.

Low price will generally guarantee poor quality do to cost cutting by the installer to get the job. The sad part is that low strength concrete, lack of proper reinforcing, poor crack prevention due to lack of control cuts, poor coloring process, poor base and poor sealing application

Sadly the problems don’t show up until the check has cleared or after the first winter freeze when cracks will appear, peeling surface or whitening of sealer. These are but a few issues.

We have recently resealed two of our projects one from 1992 the other from the year 2000 both with no cracks. The one from 1992 even blows me away.

If you were to breakdown the cost over the lifetime of the job and added in the resale appeal I think that even paying $1000 more would be a great investment since stamped concrete will outlast pavers consistently if maintained properly. Resealing in most cases is all that is needed.

Please be advised that after all these years in business that it still amazes me that some Stamped Concrete Contractors have no integrity. It’s not always about the money. You either love doing this or you don’t!

Ted Mechnick

Split-Rok Construction Co.



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We have been installing some of the finest stamped concrete for the past 32 years. We have prided our self on do almost perfect stamped concrete.
Although we have maintained that standard over the years and even on our jobs problems occur we address them immediately.
Sorry to say some our competitors cut all sorts of corners because money is their only concern and with that attitude there is always a visitor that comes to the job during or after. That visitor is THE TRUTH.
Standards need to be met rigidly to insure the best possible installation and when compromised all sorts of issues occur. To many to go into here., but the good news is we can correct many if not all the issues and restore your concrete into its original state sometimes even better if we have something that the impression is crisp enough.

Damaged Stamped Concrete Driveway

This was damaged by a Township Snow Plow

Repaired Stamped Concrete Driveway

Repaired Stamped Concrete Driveway

2014-04-26 06.21.21



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updated photos

Exposed aggregate that loose like a 3/8" gravel walk.

Exposed aggregate that loose like a 3/8″ gravel walk.

Chipped edge of driveway by township plow

Chipped edge of driveway by township plow

Repaired Stamped Concrete

Repaired Stamped Concrete Driveway Edge


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Choosing concrete contractor


I just read an article about marketing Decorative Concrete. Interesting to report that we at Split-Rok Construction have been doing all of what was explained for years. I do not want to risk giving away any of my marketing ideas but one item particularly stands out as to why we are recognized as one of the Northeast premier Decorative Concrete Contractors. Attention to detail and artistic ability. I share these two items freely since they incompass passion for what we do that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. I sell many jobs due to people seeing my enthusiasm that  has not wained over 32 years in business. I get as pumped up today as I did when I stamped my first large job atound the pool in my backyard 32 years ago. In my world good is never good enough. Only those who demonstrate a love for what they are doing work here. My men don’t just show up for a paycheck. They show up to be part of creating something that when they are done they can be proud of what they accomplished. I had a contractor call me yesterday referred to me by my concrete supplier Clayton Concrete. He was a new guy in business that had three small projects spread out around New Jersey. The conversation took me back to when i started Split-Rok Consruction 8/6/1985. I was quoting him prices which shocked him. His comment to me when I stated that I’m paid for my ability to install almost perfect stamped concrete. Next question was would it be less expensive if it weren’t so perfect It took my breath away to think that someone would do a substandard job just to make more money. He said that if he paid me what what I wanted he wouldn’t make any money. As far I’m concerned this is not only about the money. We talked a bit more and due to me saying repeatedly that I’m all about detail cost what it may to him,I would not compromise my integrity for any amount of money. My major pointbin writing tjis article like others is to better inform people today of what to be on guard for when chosing the right person for the job. Here’s wha mayt seem.a crazy question to ask your potential Stamped Concrete Contractor. ” How many jobs have you had to remove?” My point is after all my years in business I’ve had to remove a few due to not meeting my standard of excellencd or poor material being delivered. This is why I use Clayton Concrete exclusively. Their standards are at the same level as my standards. One time when i was in business about 5 or 6 years hired a guy who said he knew how to powerwash. I believed him and sent him to wash off an $8,000 job in Rumson that i was extremely proud of the way it turned out. Mult-colored someting we pride ourselves in due to us refusing to use anything but L.M.Scofield color hardener on all stamped concrete we install. Well I sent him to the job confident that he told me the truth that he knew how to powewash. Seemed at the time to be a no brainer. Connect hose start powerwasher,wash and come back next day and seal. Unfortunately no. He had used the wrong tip on the pressure washer and I got a call from the homeowner a very detail oriented person who said Ted you have to come take a look at this job. You can bet my heart dropped in anticipation of what the matter was. Upon my arrival I walked to the of the house where the stamped raised patio was installed to see Nancy ( I will never forget her and her standing there arms folded) say look at this mess. My guy had destoyed my hard work in an hour. “Ted what are you going to do about this?” As I searched my mind for an easy solution acceptable to me and my client the words left my mouth coupled with emotional pain. I will remove it immediately and redo it. Her arms unfolded and although not happy about having to go through that process again my reputation was saved. Cost in excess of $8,000. I can still feel the pain looking back. My integrity was saved. One of my most prized posessions. My point is that anyone who is great at this business has had to remove a few jobs. Those that haven’t in my opinion are not good stamped concrete contractors. I feel asking that one question alone will vet out the bad from the good contractor. Price only should never be your main concern, since over the lifetime of a great job you can be proud of the and sting of paying a bit more wanes. We pay strict attention to detail always. Some minor imperfections may show up once washed but can easily be repaired since years if experience have taught me how to fix them and since I the owner of Split-Rok Construction inspect and oversee all projects big and small you can be assured that you’ll get whatyou paid for. Excellence! I test and check all materials and watch each man to see that he carries out his assigned task. I’ll do a great job. What more could you ask? Ted Mechnick owner of Split-Rok Construction for 32 years. ACI specifications always met and exceeded.

732-915-6391 my personal cell phone number.




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Concrete problems solutions

I have been in the business of

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Rust stains on concrete and elsewhere

20151218_091749FB_IMG_1449440875034Rust stains on concrete that are the result of water from sprinkler systems that are supplied by wells with high Iron content can easily be removed using klenztone that we are factory rep for.

It’s as easy as spraying it on with a inexpensive pump sprayer from home depot. Just spray on and let sit. Not an acid or corrosive liquid. Enviornmentally safe. Works quickly depending on severity of stain.

Cost of removal or cost of a cover up that is topical in nature is only a bandaid. Gone is gone. Works 100% . Works on oil stains as well.

Unfortunately I do not monitor this blog enough due to time constraints, therfore if you are serious about getting your stain out please feel free to call me and I will see to it that you get this amazing product at the best price.

Ted Mechnick 732-915-6391



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