The concrete professor developed to help those with stamped concrete issues.

This is a common problem when resealing is done improperly,caused blushing
Can be easily corrected using a solvent wash.
Great entry to invite your friends into your backyard.

Resealing and recoloring

Concrete Pavers laid over concrete . New look without the mess of demolition.

Stamped concrete steps
Resealed after many years.

The Concrete Professor was developed since there is so many issues with stamped concrete.

Replaced cobblestones that were set in sand.
Floor at Atlantic Architectural Millwork, 913 Asbury Avenue Asbury Park, New Jersey

This was a floor found under years of dirt and grime from 1938. Was going to remove and replace for owner until I told him I could bring it back to life and save him time and money.

Large reseal job not installed by us.

We were successful since we took the time to identify the sealer previously used.


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